BDLC EnviroProfans Commercial HVLS Fans:
For Alfresco restaurants, homes etc

High Efficient Recirculation Fans:

The highly versatible cooling Fans that give you better area coverage and throw.

EnviroProfan Geared Motor R Series Hvls Fans:

Our original robust EnviroProfan ProTav Hvls Series 

EnviroProfans WeatherProof HVLS Pole Fan:

The first and only weatherproof hvls pole fan in the world in 50Hz.

EnviroProfans Pivot Hvls Fans:

The only Pivot Hvls Fans that have automatic rotation feature for better area coverage.

Latest EnviroProfans P series Direct Drive Hvls Fans:

Magnetic Drive Super Energy Efficient Gearless AC Motor. Our Profan Fancy 7.3m runs on a 0.82kW motor, Super silent feature.