A Properly implemented or installed HVLS Fans should have the followings:

1. The overhead ceiling to the HVLS Fans aerofoils should have a overall height of ideally 950mm.

2, The HVLS Fans aerofoils to the ground level should have a overall minimum height of at least 4000mm,

If both conditions are not available then the air flow and coverage of the HVLS Fans is reduced,

Site Survey Prior to HVLS Fan Implementation:

Proper Implementation of HVLS Fans :

In order to properly implement HVLS Fans in your premises, it is advisable to carry out a proper ventilation survey of the area existing ventilation facilities. Here are some basics to look out for :

1. Observe any excessive heat loads source contribute to the space such as machineries, human loads etc. If Excessive heat load is found, means of removal of heat loads within the compound must be considered.

2. Observe the availability of natural fresh air introduction to the space at all sides of the hall. Make sure adequate fresh air openings is available at least both sides of the entire hall need to be open.